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Paragon Nutrition - ISOMASS

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Paragon Nutrition - ISOMASS

Paragon Nutrition ISOMASS Mass Gaines - Ingredients in ISOMASS are backed by the latest scientific and nutritional research as being effective and efficient bulking agents, and provide a unique blend of highly bioavailable proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates, medium chain triglycerides, vitamins, minerals and fibre. This is added to aid digestion and improve general health of ISOMASS fans. Our fibre source, from a vegetable called chicory, also serves as a prebiotic and therefore helps to optimize internal gut flora.

To break it down, ISOMASS contains the following active ingredients:

  • PARAGON ISOMASS: This is a premium combination of Australian and New Zealand Whey Proteins (including WPIC, cold filtered and also hydrolysed WPI), as well as amino acids L-Glutamine and Creatine which have been shown to support the lean bulking process.
  • MALTODEXRTIN: Scientifically proven to support bulking, maltodextrin is a low-sugar carbohydrate option compared to most carbohydrate agents used in commercial mass products. Whilst is provides enough energy and nutrition to support mass development and recovery, it won’t spike your blood sugar levels like dextrose or glucose would.
  • MEDIUM CHAIN TRIGLYCERIDE BLEND: MCTs are an essential ingredient to ISOMASS because they impair fat development in the body and hence insure you bulk lean mass, not fat. Further, they provide important calories which play a key supporting role in the mass gain process.
  • VITAMIN AND MINERAL BLEND: Every bulker needs their nutrients to support immunity and healthy functioning of the body during times of training and stress.
  • FIBRE: This is added to aid digestion and improve general health and of ISOMASS fans.

Containing some series nutrition, ISOMASS is suitable for those committed to bulking up or to those who simply want some extra protein, carbs or good fats in their diet.


Mix 120g (3 scoops) with 400ml - 500ml of water or milk For maximum weight gains take on top of a regular diet 2-3 times per day as required.