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The Top 5 NEW Supplements of 2021

The Top 5 NEW Supplements of 2021

With another year almost over, we take a look back on some of the newest supplements to hit the market.

The world of fitness continually changes as does everyone's wants and needs from their fitness. Especially this year with the ups and downs we have all experienced (and for most part - a lack of gym).

With these changes, the supplement worlds most bought, most searched, most wanted products will change - Including the brands behind the products. Meaning supplement brands must change and adapt continuously.

So without further adieu we present the top 5 Supplements of 2021

5. ALIEN RISE - bcaa/eaa

This revolutionary formula from the brain trusts who brought you Uno (next level preworkout) and LIT (fat burner)is designed to maximise muscle protein synthesis and help aid in the process of muscle recovery. The body is extremely complex and it's constantly working on auto-pilot, so why not give it a helping hand? When you start incorporating Rise by Alien Supps into your routine, your body will be thanking you. With clinically proven ingredients this EAA and BCAA formula is not only fuelling your workouts, but fuelling your rest days. Recovery is just as, if not more important than the workout itself. Without it, your muscles would never repair and grow.  

During the recovery process, it’s important to fuel your body with the best of the best, which is exactly why Rise has been created. Bringing you the best vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids, this blend only uses the highest quality ingredients. With the delicious and refreshing formula, Rise will be the first thing you reach for during your intense sweaty session. BCAA's are the building blocks of your muscles and work in conjunction with protein to help you build the body you have been working hard for. 

In each serving on Rise by Alien Supps you receive: 
  • 41 calories 
  • 7g of protein 
  • 7000mg of Amino Blend 
  • 2000mg of Velositol 
  • 500mg of Aquamin F 
  • 175mg of Calcium 
  • 14mg of potassium 
  • 10mg of Fulvic Acid 
  • 1000mcg of Chromium 
  • 2000mg High amylopectin 

4. WHEYTELLO Custard

Wheytello the brand that brought you the famous choc hazlenut flavoured whey protein is back with their casein (slow releasing) protein custard! Casein protein is ridiculously popular within the fitness industry because sometimes slower is better! Especially when it comes to the rate of protein digestion. While rapid protein absorption is desirable immediately before or after exercise, delayed release is probably more beneficial throughout the remainder of the day.

Casein proteins are pH sensitive and gel in the acidic environment of the stomach. As a result, it can take more than twice as long for caseins to be broken-down into their amino acid subcomponents than whey and other proteins. Because of their unique time-released qualities, caseins are aptly described as anti-catabolic or muscle-protecting protein.

Wheytello custard has combined the amazing benefits of casein protein and the delicious taste of wheytello flavours like - strawberry sundae , chocolate icecream and our personal favourite - Bananarama and uses only the highest quality ingredients, with no expense spared in creating this delicious protein that helps keep you fuller for longger With 26g of protein, 1.5g of carbohydrates and under 1 gram of fat you will feel like your having a cheat meal without all the calories.

  • Slow Release Protein
  • Rich in BCAA's
  • Gluten Free
  • Supports Endurance and Replenishment
  • Supports Lean Muscle
  • Mixes Instantly with Only 30-40ml of Water
  • Amazingly Delicious Smooth Taste
  • Incredibly Addictive
  • Low calorie treat

    3. ATP - ZMAST

    This little bad boy has become a hit in households due to it being an easy simple way for the whole family (yep, kids included) to get their essential nutrients every day. 

    The typical western diet can see us lacking in nutritious and very needed vegetables and vitamins and minerals. This is where the legends at ATP come in and have created ZMAST powder (in delicious flavours - Pine Orange, Mixed Berry and Grape This is where we can add in a supplement like ZMAST®.   A refreshing beverage formulated with the minerals Zinc, Magnesium, Selenium and Taurine.  Perfect for growing children, teens, and/or adults who struggle with capsules, athletes who need to replenish their minerals due to excessive exertion and/or exercise, or anyone looking for a delicious healthy drink to sip on.

    • Replenishment for essential minerals in the body
    • Whole-family friendly
    • Immune System Function
    • Skin & Wound Healing Benefits
    • Cognitive Function
    • Easy to mix in and combine with other products like

    2. INSPIRED - Ember Reborn

    Oh lordy! Want a high stim fat burner then look no further! 

    This epic thermogenic fat burner (from the team who have brought you BBD - pre workout) is back and better than ever. Ember Reborn is engineered to torch calories by stimulating natural thermogenesis, accelerating your metabolism and upgrading your exercise performance. Reap the benefits of:

    • Accelerated calorie burn
    • Improved energy and endurance
    • Optimised exercise output and results

    Formulated with additional new and improved ingredients for the reborn matrix, Ember Reborn is the key to shredding, sculpting and achieving the best shape of your life.

     1. STEALTH SPORTS - Turkesterone

    After receiving an intense amount of online attention in the United States, Turkesterone has hit the Australian Market and is taking the fitness and supplement world by storm!

     Turkesterone is what is known as an ecdysteroid which are found naturally in plants and insects and play an important structural and functional role for both.

    As this is incredibly new to world of supplements, studies are continuing but are already showing some epic results. The results from these early studies are showing positive effects on strength, rate in which muscle grows, quality of muscle growth, muscle protein synthesis and even some fat loss results. 

    Based on these effects, Turkesterone is seeming like an obvious choice and MUST for anyone trying to maximise their overall health and body composition.

    Key Ingredients 

    Ajuga Turkestanica Extract (Standardised to 10% Turkesterone) is an ecdysteroid which are hormones that are found in plants, insects and arthropods. In insects they help drive key processes involved in survival and in plants they assist with structure building and keeping predators away. Ecdysteroids are now being researched heavily with their potential to assist with muscle growth and effects on metabolism. 

    Hydroxypropyl-Beta-Cyclodextrin Complex is an important part of this product to consider as this will essentially help pull more nutrients (The Turk) through the stomach lining more efficiently.


    So whether its weight loss, gains, aminos, proteins, whey proteins, pre workouts or general well being you are chasing, you can bet we have some of the most popular products on the market!


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