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CEO - Bloated 2 Shredded

How our CEO Steve Constanti went from BLOATED to SHREDDED in 14weeks!

Hi, my name is Steve Constanti i am the CEO & Founder of Victorious Fitness Supplements. Here i tell my recent experience of dieting for 14weeks and going from Bloated to Shredded.

I often get asked "Why do you diet to competition ready and don't compete?"

My question is why? I don't see the reason to compete on a stage for a $2 plastic trophy. I do this to show all my customers that I practice what I preach. I recommend the supplements that DO work, I consider my self a walking billboard for Victorious Fitness Supplements which to me is worth more then any trophy.

What was your diet like?

I started with 4500calories with a combination of a 40% carbohydrates 40% protein 20% fats. Each week i slowly dropped out more and more calories decreasing the amount of Carbohydrates and Fats. By the end of the 14 week's i was down to 1700calories. I know how my body reacts to low calories and to low carbohydrates. Everyone is different, i just knew what works for me. I was still having 1 cheat meal every week which was every Saturday night to which i ate anything i liked.

What was your training like?

My training was still the same as if i was on a bulking 5000calories diet. Every day i pushed and pushed myself mentally and physically to push out that last rep. I tend to stick to 10-12reps sometimes adding in super sets and giant sets. My strength did not decline in fact at some point i had gotten stronger, this could be all mentally of course.

Did you kill your self with cardio?

Easy answer NO, i only did 30minutes of cardio post workout. I fitted in cardio to suit my busy life so it was easier for me to do post workout then to do it fasted in the morning. My cardio consisted of a slow walk on a treadmill and a mix with the cross trainer and treadmill.

What supplements did you take?

Some may think that since i own a supplement company that i would be having ridiculous amounts of supplements every day but in fact i didn't.

Protein wise i took Paragon Nutrition ISOPRO WPI which i took 2 times a day (morning & post workout).

Intra-workout BCAA drink only taken during workout which was JDN Amino Lean which i love as its low in sodium compared to others on the market.

Thermogenic Fat Burner now i took different ones through out the entire 14weeks and my favorite was the Stealth ShredZ this product contains everything that your body needs to burn fat. I also took Paragon Nutrition Acetyl L-Carnitine which utilises fat cells for energy for the body. This is a product that you can take religiously with out your body getting immune to it.

Apart from those 4 supplements i only took a good multi vitamin such as the Optimum Nutrition OPTI-MEN, Vitamin C.

Final Words:

I went from being chubby 99kg's to 85kg's in 14weeks completely shredded. If you put your mind to it you can achieve anything. Yes it was hard and i'm not gonna pretend to sugar coat it, but the end results was so worth it!

If you have any questions or would like to buy a diet/supplementation guide please email me at I am more then happy to help ALL my customers achieve their goals. Happy Training!

You can follow Steve Constanti on Instagram @vfsdreamchaser