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What Protein Powder Is Right For Me | Supplement Warehouse

What Protein Powder Is Right For Me | Supplement Warehouse

Protein powders are not 'One size fits all' The sources of protein choice depends on your fitness goals, your health and dietary concerns to name a few. There are different sources of protein powders such as:

Mass Gainer Protein Powder, Vegan Protein Powder, Whey Protein Powder, Collagen Protein

We encourage to also have a high protein diet but what are some high protein foods you ask? Chicken, Beef are great sources of protein and fish being more of a lean protein source. Your daily protein intake should go by your bodyweight so make sure you calculate correctly. 

We offer a free of charge in store supplement consultation that can help point you in the right direction once all of your requirements and needs are looked at.

There are things you can do in the mean time or if you have an idea what you need but simply cannot decide which brand to go with

Check The Ingredients

Most of the protein powders available consist of a blend of protein, additives, sweeteners and other ingredients. Make sure you check the ingredients thoroughly for any hidden extras! 

A cheaper protein doesn't always mean a good idea. It can sometimes have a long list of strange and confusing ingredients and numbers. This often means you will be ingesting mostly the cheapest ingredient with only a tiny amount of the ingredient you actually need. This can cause people to feel disheartened when the cheap product doesn't do as it promised.

Read The Reviews

With so many brands and options on the market, it can be a confusing time. Get an idea of what people are saying about the product from reading the reviews and star ratings. Pop in and see what we are personally taking and why. Speak to people at the gym you attend and see what they take and why. 

Get A Sample

Because there are so many to choose from and everyone's tastes are different grabbing a sample of a protein can be a big help when deciding!  We do a lot of taste testing nights at the local gyms where we sample the latest products for you to try. Or pop in store as samples are readily available for some of the protein products.  A sample is a great way to try a flavour or brand you may be before you commit to buying a larger quantity.

Key Message

Feeling confused about which protein powder is the one for you is perfectly normal if you’re new to supplements. Consuming protein has a wide range of benefits so making the right choice for your needs is important and obtaining correct advice rather than following the trends of influences will help make sure you get the one for you!  

Doing your research first can prevent harmful substances from entering your body.

We are here to help.

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