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JD Nutraceuticals - Amino Shred

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JD Nutraceuticals - Amino Shred

JD Nutraceuticals Amino Shred

JDN have combined a blend of the 9 essential amino acids along with some of the most well known weight management ingredients to create Amino Shred. Amino Acids have been used for a long time whether it be before, during or after training with great success. JDN have combined the powers of intra workout recovery along with a thermogenic blend of ingredients to give you a products that delivers the results so many people are looking for. A delicious product that is not to sweet and easy to consume while training or even during the day to help increase hydration. Accelerate those results and amplify that recovery by giving your body the ingredients it needs to fast track the goals you are looking to achieve.

Key Ingredients

L-Carnitine helps the body produce energy. It is important for heart and brain function, muscle movement, and many other body processes.

Theobroma Cacao may help by regulating the use of energy, reducing appetite and inflammation and increasing fat oxidation and feelings of fullness.


  • Essential amino acids are vital to the body and supplementation can assist with protein synthesis.
  • Our body cannot products essential amino acids on its own so it is important so consume adequate amounts.
  • The body will perform better during exercise when amino acids are present especially when dieting or in a calorie deficit.
  • When in a calorie deficit supplementing with essential amino acids can prevent muscle breakdown which is what can happen when dieting or in a challenge type format.
  • Amino Shred tastes amazing which can be a big help while on an eating plan or restricted diet!

Directions of Use

Consume 1 serve of Amino Shred before, during or after training for optimal uptake. The amount of water can be suited to personal flavour preference. If you like a product sweeter feel free to mix with 300ml of water whereas others might like to mix in 600ml or more. The amount of water added will not change the effectiveness of the product.

JD Nutraceuticals Amino Shred can also be consumed at any time of the day as a delicious, low calorie beverage. When in a calorie deficit or on a strict eating plan consuming Amino Shred throughout the day might make it easier to stick to the plan!